Cooling Political Temperatures in St. Elizabeth

Nationwide News understands that PNP General Secretary Paul Burke has called a meeting between the party’s warring factions in St. Elizabeth.

The meeting is to take place at the Golf View Hotel in the parish on Saturday.

First term St. Elizabeth-based MP’s Raymond Pryce and Hugh Buchanan are facing internal challenges.

On the weekend, supporters of both men and their challengers, Evon Redman and Ewan Stephenson, clashed.

Yesterday, Mr Burke told Nationwide News that the exchanges went over board.

Meantime… it’s understood that Mr. Burke is also coming under pressure for his management of disputes gripping several constituencies represented by PNP MP’s.

An MP from the governing party told our news centre today that the PNP General Secretary is at fault because he has been slow to act to cauterise the disputes.

The MP said Mr. Burke should step aside.

Only last week, the PNP General Secretary defended his management of tensions in Lisa Hanna’s South East St. Ann constituency.

Mr. Burke insisted that an adequate dispute resolution mechanism had been put in place and efforts are being made to achieve resolution.