Burrell to Break Silence on FIFA Corruption Scandal

Jamaica’s most senior football official and Vice President of the Caribbean Football Union, CFU, Captain Horace Burrell, says he’ll break his silence tonight on the corruption scandal rocking the world’s most popular sport and which has resulted in the United States seeking the extradition of his close ally, Austin ‘Jack’ Warner.

Captain Burrell is also President of the Jamaica Football Federation and second in command at CONCACAF.

FIFA Vice President and CONCACAF boss, Jeffrey Webb is also among several FIFA executives arrested and indicted by the Federal Bureau of Investigations on corruption and racketeering charges.

The executives were taken into custody yesterday in Switzerland.

Warner, a former FIFA Vice President, was arrested in Trinidad and spent last night in Police custody.

Abka Fitz-Henley has more in this report:


Following the arrest of CONCACAF boss Jeffery Webb and his friend Jack Warner, all eyes have been on Captain Horace Burrell who’s in Switzerland ahead of tomorrow’s FIFA congress.

Burrell had maintained his silence more than 24 hours after the biggest scandal hit international football.

Speaking to Nationwide News this afternoon from Zurich Captain Burrell said amidst the drama which resulted in the arrest of a number high ranking football bosses, the Jamaican delegation is safe and sound.

Regarding the corruption charges which have been slapped on Webb and Warner, the JFF president is tight lipped.

He says he’ll break his silence soon but not immediately.

In October 2011, Captain Burrell was forced to pull out of the Caribbean Football Union election after FIFA imposed a ban on him shortly after a corruption conspiracy implicated former presidential candidate Mohamed bin Hamamm.

Meantime … up to shortly before news time Jack Warner was having a difficult time securing his release on bail from a maximum security facility.

TV6 reporter, Joshua Swemungal says Warner who was expected to take up his bail offer this morning was still behind bars just after 5:00pm in Trinidad.