Cabinet Approves Proposal to allow Some Nurses to Write Prescriptions

Cabinet has approved a proposal to amend the Pharmacy Act to allow Nurse Practitioners to be able to write some prescriptions for patients.

Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, made the announcement while addressing the Nurses Association of Jamaica, NAJ, annual general meeting on Friday.

Nurse Practitioners are specialized nurses with at least a masters degree.

They are trained specifically to diagnose and treat patients. There are currently about 200 nurse practitioners stationed across Jamaica, many in deep rural areas where there is no access to a doctor.

Dr. Tufton says his government is committed to granting Nurse Practitioners the right to prescribe some drugs, even though some doctors are against it.

Meanwhile, NAJ President, Janet Farr, says they’ve been advocating for Nurse Practitioners to be able to write prescriptions for a long time.

Nurse Farr says objections from some doctors are unwarranted.

Meanwhile, President of the Medical Association of Jamaica, Dr. Clive Lai, said he would not comment on the matter until he has more information.