Cabinet Sub-Committee on Property Tax to Report Wednesday

The government has appointed a special sub-committee of Cabinet to evaluate and assess the outcry over the increases in property taxes that took effect on the weekend.

The committee has less than two days to compile its findings.

In a statement last evening, Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Ruel Reid, says it’s to return to Cabinet with its findings for consideration by Wednesday.

The adjustment in property valuations has caused significant increases in property taxes for many homeowners.

Some people have seen their property taxes increase by more than 1000-percent.

The Opposition People’s National Party has called for a roll back of the taxes, saying the increases are ‘wicked’ and ‘unjust’.

They’re holding a press conference this morning on the issue.

Many people have complained, saying they’re unable to pay the huge increases.

However, the government is yet to signal how it’ll respond to the calls for a roll back.

Property taxes have gone up for more than half-a-million people.

That’s approximately 65-percent of property owners across the country.

However, it’s decreased for approximately 27-percent, while remaining the same for about 8-percent.


One thought on “Cabinet Sub-Committee on Property Tax to Report Wednesday

  1. Anthony Miller

    The discussion on property tax is incomplete – the amount of tax payable is based on the value of the property and tax rate (s). what is not being discussed is how many times the rates have changed since the 2002 valuation? A comparison with 2002 can only be complete if the rate had remain the same . More analysis needed, if a true comparison is to be made between 2002 and 2017 on the amount of tax payable

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