Cabinet to go on Retreat with Several Issues High on the Agenda

The cabinet is to go on retreat this Wednesday to discuss critical issues affecting the country.

That’s according to Minister Without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Daryl Vaz.

The retreat comes as more than 40 people have been killed in the first 7 days of 2018 compared to just over 20 for the same period in 2017.

There’re also concerns being raised regarding the deteriorating relationship between the National Security Minister, Robert Montague, and Police Commissioner, George Quallo, following the Palisadoes debacle.

Mr. Vaz also says the ongoing wage negotiations with the public sector are being given the full attention of Cabinet.

Meanwhile, the Opposition PNP is renewing its call for Minister Montague to resign with immediate effect.

In a statement this afternoon – the PNP says it notes with concern a media release from the Police Officers’ Association, POA, which accused Minister Montague of interfering in the operations of the Constabulary. The PNP says this allegation has the gravest implications for national security.

According to the PNP, the issue warrants the immediate intervention of Prime Minister Andrew Holness. But, in a statement this afternoon the Young Professional Arm of the governing JLP, Generation 2000, G2K, hit back.

G2K is defending the Security Minister and his demand for accountability from the High Command in dealing with the Palisadoes fiasco. G2K says attempts to silence the National Security Minister are disappointing and counter to public interest.

According to G2K, the Security Minister was within his right to engage the media on issues including crime, promotions within the Constabulary and the Palisadoes fiasco.

The young professional arm of the governing party says Jamaica is living in a new paradigm where the public expects transparent information on issues of national interest to be shared promptly.

G2K President, Stephen Edwards, says the National Security Minister has a responsibility to use all avenues and tools available to meet this expectation.

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