Cabinet to Receive NHT Institutional Review

An institutional review of the National Housing Trust, NHT, is to be taken before cabinet today for deliberation.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the review of the NHT he had commissioned is aimed at reshaping the institution by reviewing its operations. He says that report has been completed and presented to him for legislative and policy decisions to be taken.

Mr Holness says this will assist in the prevention of unplanned settlement.

The Prime Minister added that the solution to the problem is to use existing resources to create more output and better outcomes. He was addressing the handing over of some 150 keys to homeowners in Friendship, St James.

The housing scheme called Estuary when completed will consist of 1500 one-bedroom detached units for qualified NHT contributors primarily in the NHT’s lowest income categories.

The units will be completed in batches commencing with 150 units this month which the Prime Minister handed over on Friday with a selling price of $4.47-million.

More than $7-billion is being spent on the housing development.


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