Cabinet to Review Canabis Licensing Requirements

Science and Technology Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, says Cabinet will review the requirements for persons to be granted licenses to cultivate marijuana.

Minister Wheatley made the declaration in an interview on Nationwide This Morning.

It comes as there are growing concerns about the pace of the development of a local medical marijuana industry.

Some ganja lobbyists are saying it’s been happening too slow and Jamaica risks losing out on the major economic benefits.

Minister Wheatley has joined the growing chorus of voices supporting this view.

Yesterday, in Parliament, Minister Wheatley spoke out, saying Jamaica’s wasting time in developing a medical marijuana industry.

He says the country must get serious and be decisive.

But speaking on Nationwide This Morning, Chairperson of the Cannabis Licensing Authority, CLA, Hyacinth Lightbourne, says she’s satisfied with the pace at which the agency is granting licenses.

But Minister Wheatley says the security concerns shouldn’t be an ‘excuse’.

Ms. Lightbourne says the CLA has so far granted 27 conditional licenses. But no one has yet fulfilled the terms of a full license.

And, that’s where Minister Wheatley has other concerns — with the ability of interested entities to fulfill the requirements to be a granted a full license.