CAC Extends ‘Bad Gas’ Compensation Deadline

The Consumer Affairs Commission, CAC, is extending its timeframe by 24 hours before taking legal action in seeking compensation for motorists affected by so-called ‘bad gas’.

The original deadline was set for 4 this afternoon.

Chairman of the CAC, Kent Gammon, says he’s yet to receive word from the petroleum marketing stakeholders regarding a proposal for compensation.

Mr. Gammon says the marketing companies are unwilling to pay.

He says the Commission has written several proposals outlining what he describes as a fair and reasonable settlement.

Hundreds of motorists reportedly suffered damage to their vehicles due to contaminated petrol in 2015 in the so called the ‘Bad Gas Saga’.

Mr. Gammon says he’s been seeking compensation for motorists since November 2015.

Mr. Gammon — who’s an attorney-at-law — says he’ll go ahead with legal action if a suitable proposal is not put forward by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon.