CAPI Opposes Oversight for INDECOM


The civil lobby group, Citizens’ Action for Principle and Integrity, CAPI, says the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, needs no additional oversight.

As such, CAPI believes the joint select committee of parliament, which has accepted a recommendation to impose an oversight body on INDECOM, should reverse its decision.

CAPI’s co-convenor is Dennis Meadows.

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Mr. Meadows says the proposed oversight body may not have any legal standing.

This as section five of the INDECOM Act, states that, “Subject to the provisions of the Constitution, in the exercise of the powers conferred upon it by this Act, the Commission shall not be subject to the direction or control of any person or authority”.

He’s warning the parliamentary committee not to take a decision that will erode confidence in INDECOM.

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2 thoughts on “CAPI Opposes Oversight for INDECOM

  1. dukeofearle

    I disagree with Mr. Meadows their must be an oversight to keep INDECOM in check, I can guarantee if this does not happen maybe Dennis himself will have to go and trained to be a cop to stop the Criminality activity taking place.

    1. John H Christian

      RUBBISH ..Indecom does not require Oversight…now if u have any sense, u may recommend an Inspector general, that oversees all Law enforcement and Statutary bodies connected to law enforcement, that is answerable to no one and can only Issue a report to the PUBLIC and the DPP, in case they have a case to answer..but this is above ur Pay scale…Dennis Meadows u are correct..ignore this NEOPHYTE…

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