Capleton Released on Bail following Rape Charge

Popular recording artiste, Capleton, was this afternoon released from custody on bail.

He’s to reappear in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court on June 14.

Capleton’s given name is Clifton Bailey. He’s accused of raping a female hairdresser on April 28 this year at a New Kingston Hotel.

The deejay was being held at the Half Way Tree lockup since Friday evening

Capleton was offered bail in the sum of $250,000 by Presiding Judge, Vaughn Smith.

The entertainer’s attorney, Christopher Townsend, asked the judge not to confiscate the entertainer’s travel documents.

Townsend argued that his client had never before been accused of a crime and if his travel documents were seized, the deejay’s income would be affected

The Judge agreed to offer the artiste bail and not seize his travel documents. But Clerk of the Court, Hansurd Lawson, insisted that the travel documents be ordered confiscated.

The judge said he’d not make that order unless Capleton misses a Court date.

Townsend told the Court there are voice notes and messages implicating the entertainer’s accuser in attempting to extort him. Townsend also criticized Police investigators who charged his client.

The Attorney says the complainant said in her statement that when she was being attacked by Capleton she had to call a security guard at the New Kingston hotel for help. But Mr. Townsend says the security guard says his help was not sought.

The artiste’s lawyer also says the complainant, in her statement, noted that items in the hotel room in question were damaged during her interaction with Capleton. But Townsend says the manager at the hotel has said that is not true.

The Attorney criticized the Police for only taking a statement from the manager and security guard after they had already charged the artiste. The complainant was not in Court.

Earlier – a pensive Capleton entered the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court court at 10:40 this morning. He was handcuffed to two other inmates.

The artiste was dressed in a blue suit and matching blue turban. A crowd of supporters turned up at court to support the Artiste who they call King Shango.

Among those in support was popular Reggae Artiste, Tony Rebel, who says he’s happy his colleague had been offered bail.

About 25 members of Capleton’s Papine-based David House group played the entertainer’s music outside the Court and declared they don’t believe the artiste violated his accuser.

A coaster driver and his conductor who were driving by the Courthouse also declared their support for the artiste who they called the fireman.

In the meantime, veteran artistes, Anthony Cruz and Queen Ifrika, also attended Court and expressed surprised that Capleton has been charged with rape.

Queen Ifrika says Capleton is her friend and that’s why she came out to support him today.

Ifrika says she’s not judging Capleton or his accuser because she does not know what transpired. But, she says she’s confident the truth will be revealed in Court.


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