Caricel Granted Stay of License Revocation


Telecommunications company, Caricel, has been granted a stay of the implementation of the revocation of its spectrum license by the Court of Appeal.

One of Caricel’s attorneys, Patrick Bailey, says the Appeal Court ruled today that it will hear the application to have the full court review the government’s revocation of the spectrum license in January next year.

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In February last year, Supreme Court Judge, Leighton Pusey, denied the company leave to seek judicial review.

This after then, Technology Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley revoked Caricel’s spectrum license.

According to Mr. Bailey, Caricel believes the government’s move to revoke the spectrum license is unreasonable.

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In refusing the application in February last year, Justice Pusey argued the Court would find it difficult to halt an investigation being conducted by regulators which could result in the revocation of its spectrum license.

In December 2015, the Spectrum Management Authority and the Office of Utilities Regulation wrote to Caricel.

They informed the company that they’d be investigating claims that issues involving it constituted a national security threat.

Caricel was also advised the assertions could warrant the suspension or revocation of the spectrum license it was granted in September 2015.

The Holness administration signed off on the license despite a recommendation from Contractor General, Dirk Harrison, that it not be approved.


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