Carl Lewis To Bolt: Address Ja’s Drug Problem Before Attacking Gay


Former American sprinter, Carl Lewis, says he agrees with Usain Bolt that Tyson Gay should not have been allowed to return to the sport, after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.

However, Lewis says there’s a lot that’s wrong with Jamaica’s athletics that Bolt needs to address before pointing fingers at others.

Gay failed three drug tests in 2013 after using steroid creams, but only received a backdated one-year suspension last year.

He was given the reduced penalty because he provided evidence to the US anti-doping agency that led to an eight-year ban for his former coach, Jon Drummond.

Lewis says Bolt has raised a legitimate issue but he doesn’t feel a Jamaican should be talking about it.

Lewis says lots of doping issues have come out in Jamaican athletics in the last 4-to-5 years and bolt should first think of cleaning up his own house.

Alrick Swaby is a reporter/producer at Nationwide News Network. He started his career with the now defunct Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, JBC, in 1995. He has experiences in radio and television broadcasting, reporting and production. He is now on his second stint with Nationwide after rejoining in 2012, Pursuing his passion.

One thought on “Carl Lewis To Bolt: Address Ja’s Drug Problem Before Attacking Gay

  1. Sarastro

    Carl Lewis owes a lot to steroids and is one assholier-than-thou who believes everybody except Americans should pay the true penalties for wrongs. Carl had steroids in his system just below the legal threshold (his admission!) when he was gifted with Olympic gold after idiot Ben Johnson shot up just prior to the race. Carl and Carol seem to deeply regret their Jamaican connections and I am one Jamaican very willing to write them out the record books. Here is a fact Carl should think about… his natural peak, he was not fast enough to make Jamaica’s 4×100 relay team. To even make the team he would need steroids and Joyner.

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