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King Says Pegging Exchange Rate to US Dollar A Risky Idea

He explains that in Jamaica's small economy, a single large transaction can have a big impact on the availability and price of US dollars nationally.

Shaw Looks to Create Ecosystem for MSMES To Thrive

He says MSMEs contribute significantly to the gross domestic product, GDP, of the country and the region.

BOJ Sells $US20M in Foreign Exchange Market

In a statement this afternoon, the central bank says the intervention aims to address temporary demand and supply imbalances in the local foreign exchange market.

Mitchell Calls for JMD to be Pegged to USD

Mr Mitchell says there's no confidence in the management of the exchange rate.

Police Recovers Body of Missing 8-year-old

Shante went missing from the Sterling Castle Heights community last Thursday.

Unemployment Drops to 8% – STATIN

According to the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, STATIN, Jamaica’s unemployment rate continues to decline. Director of STATIN, Carol Coy, says as of January 2019...

Knutsford Express Profits Jump Near 24%

But net Profit after tax declined by just over 9%

Finance Minister Urges Businesses to Seek Financing through JSE

Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke, says the days of loans and debt as the only means of financing for Jamaican businesses are over. He made the comments on Tuesday, as...

Mayberry Boss Praises Govt’s Wigton Move

CEO of Mayberry Investments, Gary Peart, is commending successive administrations for keeping faith in the wind farm industry at a time when he says the sector was not...

Ex-Im Bank Provides Record $9.4bn in SME Loans

The Export-Import Bank of Jamaic has provided a record $9.4-billion in loans to Small and Medium size Enterprises. In a statement yesterday, the EXIM Bank says the...