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How the Authorities Plan on Alleviating the Water Crisis

In the meantime, the process of de-nitrification is expected to begin producing water in the next few days.


Opposition wants Water Ministry to find permanent solutions to water crisis

Opposition Spokesman on Water and Housing, Dr. Horace Chang, says the Water Ministry should seek to find permanent solutions to the piped water shortage now plaguing the...


Mugabe Says White Farmers “Should go”

Mr Mugabe, who is 90, has governed Zimbabwe since independence in 1980. He was re-elected last year with 61 percent of the vote, defeating his long-standing rival Morgan...

Government’s Tax Collections Ahead of Target

Tax collections for the first two months of the fiscal year are ahead of target. The government raked in just over 50 billion dollars for April and May, which was almost...


Biopic of CP Owen Ellington

Mr. Ellington is a past student of the Glengoffe High School and was enlisted in the force on the August, 1, 1980.

St. Kitts makes historic IMF Repayment

It says this is the first time that a payment of this magnitude has been repaid early to the Fund by a Caribbean nation.


Youth Minister meets with Jamaicans for Justice over Sex Education Controversy

Youth Minister Lisa Hanna says she’s met with the Executive Director of local human rights lobby group Jamaicans of Justice, Kay Osbourne, in the aftermath of the...


Jamaican Man Hit with 21 Pimp-related Charges in Miami

The Jamaican man hit with 21 charges relating to the pimping and beating of a string of women from South Florida, the Middle East and Australia, has been found guilty by...

Ex-French President Nicolas Sarkozy Says French Justice System Being Used for Political Expediency

Ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy has said the French justice system is being used for political ends, after he was placed under formal investigation for influence peddling....

Evidence Suggests Iran Supplied Iraq with Attack Jets to Counter ISIS

The BBC is reporting that strong evidence suggests Iran has supplied Iraq with attack jets to help it counter an offensive by Sunni rebels led by the Islamist group...