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CAPI, says the lack of a credible reason for the sudden retirement of Ellington is a demonstration of contempt the government has for the people of Jamaica

Lobby group, Citizens Action for Principle and Integrity, CAPI, says the lack of a credible reason for the sudden retirement of Police Commissioner Owen Ellington, is a...

Commissioner Ellington cites upcoming West Kingston Commission of Enquiry as contributing to his decision

Government Senator and former National Security Minister, KD Knight, says under the current circumstances Police Commissioner, Owen Ellington, should be taken at his...

Health Minister to make tough decisions on health sector financing

It is a move that could have serious implications for the quality of patient care in the public health system.

Minister of Foreign Affairs says PriceSmart Ban on Cuban Diplomats contravened Jamaican Law

He says the Council would have been willing to take the matter as high up as the US Attorney General's Office, had the matter not been resolved by PriceSmart.

Police Constable arrested and charged for stealing

The charge against him stems from an incident that occurred during a police operation at a business place in downtown Kingston.

Opposition Spokesman on ICT says decision by Telcoms Industry to block VOIP application is dangerous

Dr. Wheatley says as the law stands, telecoms providers are able to exploit several loopholes.

Digicel’s CEO says no free ride for VIBER

Mr. O'Brien is calling on Viber and its CEO, Talmon Marco, to pay the outstanding sums for traffic under the agreement.

How the Authorities Plan on Alleviating the Water Crisis

In the meantime, the process of de-nitrification is expected to begin producing water in the next few days.

Opposition wants Water Ministry to find permanent solutions to water crisis

Opposition Spokesman on Water and Housing, Dr. Horace Chang, says the Water Ministry should seek to find permanent solutions to the piped water shortage now plaguing the...

Mugabe Says White Farmers “Should go”

Mr Mugabe, who is 90, has governed Zimbabwe since independence in 1980. He was re-elected last year with 61 percent of the vote, defeating his long-standing rival Morgan...