Category: Midday News

Court Rules INDECOM Can Charge Cops Prior to Making Full Disclosure

The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, has scored a major legal victory, after the court ruled that it doesn’t have to make full disclosure to...

Gov’t Examines Introducing A Rail Service For Schools – Montague

He says a railway service could prove effective in transporting school children in the parish.

DPP Raises Concerns About Rampant Spate of Murder, Sexual Assualt of Children

Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, Paula Llewellyn, is raising concerns about several children being murdered and sexually assaulted. Ms Llewellyn is also calling on...

Duncan-Price Eyes Central Kingston Constituency As Thwaites Mum Future In Representational Politics

Mrs. Duncan-Price, previously represented the PNP in the East Rural St. Andrew constituency during the 2016 General Elections.

NCB Warns Customer of Scam

National Commercial Bank, NCB, is warning customers about a scam attempting to steal people’s passwords and banking information. According to NCB, a fake email is...

Tomlinson Doubles Down on Comparing Prime Minister To Hitler

President of the People’s National Party’s Youth Organisation, PNPYO, Krystal Tomlinson, is sticking by her social media post comparing Prime Minister Andrew...

DPP Claims Victory In Shernet Haughton Ruling, Says It Proves ‘Her Original Wisdom Was On Point’

Ms. Llewlleyn says she's repeatedly warned against conflating unethical behaviour with a prosecutable offence

Holness Meets With Seaga, Says He’s In ‘Positive Spirits’

Prime Minister Holness says he and Mr. Seaga spoke about many issues including Jamaica's economy and football.

Gov’t, Opposition Spar in Parliament Over 2002 Resolution on Compulsory National Registration System

In response, Opposition Leader Phillips commented that the PNP has never objected to the principle of a national ID.

PM Leaves Island to Visit Seaga

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness left the island this morning to visit former Prime Minister, Edward Seaga, who’s in the hospital in the United States. Prime...