Category: PNP Leadership Challenge

Ian Hayles Says He’s Banking on Bunting

West Hanover Member of Parliament, Ian Hayles, has come out in support of Peter Bunting’s bid to take over leadership of the opposition People’s National...

Simpson Miller Says She ‘Will Not Take A Side’ In Impending PNP Presidential Elections

Former PNP President, Portia Simpson-Miller, has moved to distance herself from either of the camps involved in the impeding internal elections. Since the announcement...

PNP Will Benefit From Leadership Challenge – Nelson

Social Commentator, Jaevion Nelson, says the leadership battle that’s shaping up in the People’s National Party, PNP, will benefit the party, regardless of...

PNP Youth Split on Leadership Challenge

A member of the PNP Youth Organisation, PNPYO, Danielle Kelly, says she’s throwing her support behind current party leader, Dr. Peter Phillips because he has a...

PNP Leadership Challenge Heats Up On Social Media

The PNP Presidential challenge continues to heat up on social media. Since Central Manchester MP, Peter Bunting announced his intention to challenge party president, Dr...

Bunting Rejects PNP Plan To Hold Early Delegates Conference

The issue of holding a special conference was reportedly discussed at last night's meeting of the PNP executive.

Anderson Mum On Important Holness vs Bunting Poll Result

Political Analyst, Claude Robinson, says he's confident that question was posed and got favourable responses.

PNP Supporters Attack Journalists

Members of the media were verbally attacked yesterday by a number of comrades who attended the PNP meeting in Clarendon. The comrades were visibly upset that Mr Bunting...

McNeil Concerned About Timing Of Bunting’s Leadership Challenge

Dr Wykeham McNeil, says Mr Bunting's timing is unfortunate.

Phillips Appoints Crawford To Lead ‘Victory Squad’ To Pave PNP’s Return To Office

It's understood that several members of the PNP who are under the age of 45, have been designated as members of the so-called victory squad.