Category: PNP Leadership Challenge

‘Play It Safe’ – PNP Gen Sec Urges Supporters

PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson, is warning party supporters not to chastise each other during the impending leadership contest. He was addressing the media...

Bunting-commissioned National Poll Shows Only 19% Of J’cans Believe Phillips Can Bring PNP To Election Victory

50% of respondents say they do not believe Phillips will be able to lead the party to a General Election win.

Phillips Says He’s Not Daunted By Bunting’s Bid For PNP President

The embattled PNP President says he's glad for what he's describing as the expressed support of the party's delegates.

Battle On – Bunting To Challenge Phillips For PNP Leadership

Nationwide News can first confirm that Central Manchester Member of Parliament and former PNP General Secretary, Peter Bunting, will challenge Dr. Peter Phillips for the...