CCJ Bills Debate Still in Trouble


The debate on the three bills to entrench the Caribbean Court of Justice as Jamaica’s final appellate court, was again suspended today, after Opposition Senators continued their boycott of the proceedings in the Upper House.

Leader of Government Business, AJ Nicholson, told the Senate today, that Senator Malahoo Forte could have avoided the drama of the past six days, by simply complying with the President’s request.

He says the Opposition members have been telling lies about the circumstances under which their colleague was suspended.

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Senator Nicholson says the Opposition has a duty to report to the Senate next week for the resumption of the CCJ debate.

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Senate President, Floyd Morris, asserted that his suspension of Malahoo Forte, was in accordance with his powers under the Senate Standing Orders.

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Meanwhile Opposition Senator Marlene Malahoo Forte is maintaining that her suspension from parliament’s upper house was due to the unjust actions of the Leader of Government Business, Senator AJ Nicholson.

The suspension was lifted yesterday, based on a motion moved by Senator Nicholson.

Government Senator Lambert Brown accused his Opposition colleagues of spreading a tissue of lies, in what has been dubbed by the Justice Minister, Senator Mark Golding, as Jamaica’s ‘lettergate’ saga.

But Senator Malahoo Forte says the people should not allow themselves to be diverted from the real issue by the antics of the Government Senators.

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Malahoo Forte says the Government Senators are doing all they can to cover up what she describes as the sins of AJ Nicholson.

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Several government members yesterday encouraged the Opposition members to return to the Senate so the business of the people can proceed.

But having assessed what was said, Malahoo Forte says she did not see Government members extend an olive branch.

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