Chamber of Commerce Urges Greater Public-Private Partnership on Crime

The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce is renewing its call for a public private partnership to focus on crime and the criminal justice system.

It wants this committee to serve a similar function as the Economic Programme oversight committee which reviews Jamaica’s performance under the IMF programme.

JCC President Warren McDonald made the call as he addressed a meeting of the Board of Directors today.

He said this committee will gauge performance against specific objectives and report to the public on the country’s performance every month.

The JCC President told his colleagues today that the crime level in Jamaica was at crisis proportion.

He said it’s now clear that steps taken by successive administrations to deal with the problem are not working.

He said crime remains the biggest hurdle to economic growth.

Mr. McDonald warned that while the country continues to see major investments and growth in industries such as tourism despite the high crime rate these positive occurrences will not continue for long.