Chang Blasts PNP for ‘Issuing Gun Licenses to Criminals’

National Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang, is lashing out at the Opposition PNP for what he describes as having presided over the issuing of gun licenses to criminals – including scammers and people found guilty of violent crimes.

Dr. Chang is also defending a decision by his predecessor, Robert Montague, to clear a backlog of gun license appeals made to the Ministry during his stint in the job.

Dr. Chang went on the attack last night when he addressed Edmund Bartlett’s East Central St. James constituency conference at the John Rollins Success Primary School in St. James. He accused the former PNP-administration of presiding over the reckless granting of gun and ammunition licenses.

The National Security Minister noted that moves have been made by the current FLA leadership to bring accountability to the agency. He says several gun licenses were issued to criminal convicts between 2012 and 2015.

Dr. Chang also accused the former PNP administration of unfairly attacking his predecessor, Robert Montague.

This in order to distract from decisions made by the former FLA management to issue gun licenses to convicted criminals.

Dr. Chang says during his stint as National Security Minister, Mr. Montague, acted lawfully in treating with appeals made by people who were initially denied gun licenses.


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