Chang “No One Has Given Hay-Webster Permission to Campaign Against Mair”

JLP General Secretary, Dr. Horace Chang, says the party has not given anyone permission to campaign for Gregory Mair’s seat in Northeast St. Catherine.

Dr. Chang is responding to accusations by Mr. Mair that Sharon Hay Webster is campaigning within the constituency, in an attempt to replace him as the JLP’s candidate in the next general elections.

Mrs. Hay Webster is in charge of Media Liaison at the Office of the Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness.

Dr. Chang could not confirm whether Mrs. Hay Webster has indeed applied to become a candidate for Northeast St. Catherine.

However, he says no one has been given permission to campaign against Gregory Mair.

He says such an application would have to go through a party committee, which would decide whether to allow the challenge.

Dr. Chang says for personal reasons, he’s discouraging Mrs. Hay-Webster from attempting to challenge Mair.

This latest issue threatens to create even further divisions within a party that is still recovering from the Senate letters saga.

The situation is made even more delicate because according to Mair, Hay-Webster is being introduced as the person sent by party leader Andrew Holness to replace him as the candidate for the next general election.

Both Mrs. Hay Webster and Mr. Mair have declined to comment on the issue.