Chief Justice Sets January 2020 Deadline To Deliver Verdict In Uchence Wilson Trial


The alleged members of the so called Uchence Wilson gang, will learn their fates by January 8, next year.

The case against the alleged gangsters started in March this year.

After 6 months, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, heard the final submissions from attorneys this morning.

Wilson and 24 of his alleged cronies were arrested and charged by the Constabulary’s Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Branch, C-TOC in December 2017.

They’re accused of stealing millions in cash and cars through a series of violent robberies across seven parishes.

Four women and two members of the Constabulary were indicted as members of the gang.

But, three of the women and one of the policemen have since been freed of being a part of a criminal organization without contest from the Crown.

In total, 18 alleged gangsters will learn their fate when the judge hands down his decision.

The alleged leader of the gang, Uchence Wilson, and his alleged second in command, Fitz Roy Scott could face life imprisonment if convicted of being leaders of a Criminal Organization under the Anti-gang law.

Other members of the organization are facing prison sentences of up to 20 years for being associated with the gang.

William Mitchell is a sports-fanatic turned journalist. He graduated from CARIMAC in 2016. He interned at the Jamaica Gleaner covering sports and joined NNN in 2017. Mitchell covers crime for Nationwide. He’s been to every single zone of special operations across the island.

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