Chief Justice Urges CMS to Offer a Higher Quality of Service

The country’s Chief Justice, Bryan Sykes is charging those who work in the court system to improve their operations in an effort to create a more user-friendly environment.

He made the charge while speaking at the launch of the customer service centre in parish courts. The ceremony was held at the Corporate area parish court on Sutton Street in downtown Kingston.

Justice Sykes says the tardy response to letters of complaints especially in the Supreme Courts ‘needs to stop.’

The Chief Justice says to improve accountability, a new system has been established by the Court Management Services, CMS.

Justice Sykes says those who work within the Justice system must improve their internal operations because the public expects good service.

Meanwhile, Justice Sykes says the recent disclosure in the media that only 27-percent of reserved judgements were delivered over a 15-month period by Supreme Court judges is ‘not an acceptable standard.’

He’s reminding judges that performance is ‘measurable and will be measured.’