ChikV Epidemic! – Baugh


Opposition Spokesman on Health, Dr. Kenneth Baugh says there’s a full blown epidemic of the Chikungunya Virus in the island.

Dr. Baugh says the issue is being downplayed by portfolio Minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson and the Simpson Miller administration.

Dr. Baugh made the charge this morning as he addressed a media briefing at the JLP’s Belmont Road Headquarters.

The Opposition Spokesman says in spite of admitting that there are approximately 8-hundred reported case, the government has blundered by focussing only on the number of cases it considers confirmed.

Dr. Baugh says this approach is misleading and disingenuous as the Ministry knows Chik-V tests are expensive and out of the reach of many Jamaicans.

Dr. Baugh is also criticizing the government for not engaging in an effective public education campaign on Chik-V.

He’s also taking Dr. Ferguson to task for not following up on his call for an all-island community clean up day.

According to the Opposition Spokesman, based on how it has handled Chik-V, Jamaicans must be concerned about the ability of the government to manage a more serious outbreak like the deadly Ebola disease.

Regarding Ebola, Dr. Baugh wants the government to advise the public of the steps being taken to protect Jamaica’s borders and to provide for additional emergency resources.