Child Road Fatalities on the Rise!

The National Road Safety Council, NRSC, is raising concerns about the increase in the number of children who’ve died on the nation’s roads.

The number of child road fatalities this year between January 1 and September 5 has surpassed the figure for the corresponding period last year.

Seventeen children have died as a result of vehicular crashes or accidents so far this year.

Last year for the reported period, child fatalities stood at 13.

The NRSC says those who died were mostly pedestrians, passengers in private vehicles and pillion passengers.

The Council is urging motorists to reduce their speed, particularly in school zones.

It notes that a child hit by a car traveling at 30 kilometers per hour may survive.

However, at 50-kilometers per hour that child would be killed.

Meanwhile, the number of road fatalities is close to surpassing the 2-hundred and 35 mark recorded for the entire 2017.

Since the start of the year, there’ve been 232 road fatalities.

The Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport says road fatalities for this year are projected to increase by 3-percent when compared to 2017.


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