Christie Wary of Appointment of New NSWMA Boss


Former Contractor General, Greg Christie, is among those voicing concerns about the appointment of politically aligned persons to top positions in public agencies.

In reacting to the appointment of the new NSWMA Executive Director, Mr. Christie said appointing political activists or officers to such positions raises a perception of nepotism.

He said it also presents the potential for conflicts of interest.

According to Mr Christie, the practice doesn’t ‘ bode well’ as during the tenure of the previous administration, one of its political activists also held office as head of the NSWMA.

This was in reference to President of the PNP Women’s Movement, Jennifer Edwards, who was appointed Executive Director of the NSWMA under the Simpson Miller administration.


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  1. Jas

    I wonder ,who is it that person who is assigned the task of locating Mr Christie from wherever he can be found ,so that he can present himself to offer his comments on every and anything!

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