Christopher Townsend Turns Down Michael McLean Case

Defence Attorney, Christopher Townsend will not be representing Michael McLean- the man accused of killing 6 people in St. Thomas in 2006.

Townsend told the court on Friday that he will not be taking up the matter. On Thursday, the accused said he wanted to retain Mr. Townsend.

Mr. Townsend had said he was willing to represent McLean if they crossed what he described as an ‘administrative hurdle.’ But on Friday, the attorney informed the court that the hurdle was not crossed. McLean then uttered ‘I have two million outside.’ Mr. Townsend did not respond to this.

The attorney he fired- Carlton Collman is set to continue offering legal advice where necessary today, although he has applied for withdrawal from the trial twice.

Presiding Judge, Justice Bertram Morrison has insisted that he remains to offer technical legal advice because his former client is not a trained attorney.

Early this week, three police officers are expected to be cross-examined by the accused who will still be representing himself.

On Friday, Justice Morrison reiterated that there’ll be no more adjournments. He says there’ve been more than 50 adjournments in the past.

Since 2006, McLean has been represented by nine attorneys.


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