Chuck Lambastes Judges for Disrupting Court Proceedings

Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, is lambasting several of the country’s judges after court proceedings were disrupted.

He’s chiding the judges for releasing the statement on their concerns that the Prime Minister is seeking to breach the doctrine of separation of powers, entrenched in the constitution. It’s understood the administrative meeting has disrupted proceedings in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and at least one Parish Court.

This decision which came as a surprise has displeased Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck.

Minister Chuck says he’s not against the judges having a meeting. But, he believes the meeting could have been held at a later time.

Minister Chuck says the judges should have instead written to the Governor General about their concerns, and have him convene a meeting with the other arms of government.

Mr. Chuck also offered his explanation of Prime Minister Andrew Holness asking Justice Sykes to prove himself before he’s appointed fully in the post.

He says the judges could not preside over this matter if it came to court.

Mr. Chuck says by issuing their statement, they’ve already made their position clear.

PNP Chairman, Fitz Jackson, is urging Prime Minister Holness to advise Governor General Sir Patrick Allen to appoint Justice Sykes on a permanent basis before the end of the day.

Mr. Jackson says the PNP is contemplating whether to take Mr. Holness to court over the issue.

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One thought on “Chuck Lambastes Judges for Disrupting Court Proceedings

  1. AnnaK

    The Minister should chide himself for his various forays into the Judicial arena. Fix the courthouses to the same level as the great palace that the Ministry of Justice has provided for itself!


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