Chuck Moves to Pump More Resources into Justice System Overhaul

Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, says he’ll be demanding more resources from the government to improve the nation’s justice system.

Mr. Chuck, who’s on a drive to reduce a severe backlog of cases in the courts, says cases are being added to the system twice as fast as they are being dealt with. He notes that several parishes are in need of new courthouses and additional staff.

Minister Chuck says over 3,000 new cases have started in the Supreme Court alone.

He says several courthouses across the island are, as he puts it, ‘falling apart’. Mr. Chuck says these courts are unable to facilitate the justice process.

And, that’s why the Justice Minister says he’ll join the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister, in another ‘high level’ meeting to discuss the need for additional resources for the justice system.

Minister Chuck says the plan is to undertake $2-billion worth of upgrading work on the facilities that fall under the purview of the Justice Ministry.


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