Chuck Touts Rehabilitation Programmes for Delinquent Unattached Youth


Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck says unattached youths who are found guilty of engaging in illegal activities will be enrolled in various programmes in an attempt to rehabilitate them.

Mr. Chuck says the intention is not to have them imprisoned and sent back into the society after serving sentences.He says what this does is label them for life and make it very difficult for them to function in modern society.

He says the aim is to get the youths from they’re very young and divert them away from lawless activities.

Mr. Chuck says this plan will also eliminate the gangs in the society.
Since these youths are prone to be recruited by gang members.

He says the Government has these plans in place because they are determined to assist the vulnerable youths across the island.

He says it’s time for the Government to take charge and ensure that the youths across the island are properly protected.

Mr. Chuck says this plan will ensure that every child is treated in a manner that upholds human dignity and worth.

Delroy Chuck was speaking at the Ministry’s ‘Child Diversion Programme Stakeholders’ Sensitization Session’.

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