Chucky Brown Guilty Verdict, A BIG Win for INDECOM

The police oversight body, Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) scored a major victory in the Home Circuit Court in Kingston this afternoon.

This when a reputed member of the so-called Clarendon-based Police death squad, Constable Collis Chucky Brown, was found guilty of three counts of murder. Brown was said to be one of the main killers in the Police death squad.

The six-member jury of four women and two men deliberated for just under 4 hours before finding Constable Brown guilty on all counts.

Brown was found guilty of murdering Robert Gutty Dawkins in 2009. He was also found guilty of murder in connection with the killings of Andrew Fearon and Dwayne Douglas in 2012. Brown was also found guilty of 1 count of conspiracy to commit murder and 1 count of wounding with intent.

The wounding with intent charge is in connection with the injury of a man during the same incident in which Gutty Dawkins was killed.

Tension was high outside Court number 2 in the Home Circuit Court just before 4:00 this afternoon as the jury deliberated.

A few members of the police force and lawyers awaited the verdict on a bench outside the Court. After 4 hours, the foreman of the jury panel indicated that a verdict had been reached.

When asked ‘how did the jury find’, the foreman spoke in a low, soft tone. “GUILTY.” As the verdict was announced, Constable Brown looked in the direction of the jury box with his head down. His face had a slight grimace.

A male family member of the convicted Policeman who attended Court most days of the trial shed a tear.

Presiding Judge Vivienne Harris told the Brown that he’s to return to court on December 20 for his sentencing hearing. Brown was handcuffed and taken back into custody. As he was being escorted downstairs by 4 Police personnel, he had a slight grin.

A female Police personnel outside the Court who was not in uniform, lamented that Constable Brown had got a raw deal.

The Policewoman said – “mi sorry fi him man ..wen senior police tell yu fi do tings ..yu haffi do it enuh or dem park yu”

During the trial, evidence was heard that Brown was part of a special Police team which carried out unlawful killings in Clarendon.

A tape was played for the jury in which Constable Brown could be heard admitting to the crimes. But, his Attorneys argued that he was induced into the confession by INDECOM investigators.

That was dismissed by prosecutors who had a witness testify in Court that Brown not only carried out unlawful killings on the directive of senior Police officers. But also murdered Douglas and Fearon because they had dissed a Manchester-based contractor who is a criminal don.

The witness said Constable Brown described the don as his main boss. Norman Godfrey and Vincent Wellesley defended Brown.

Queen’s Counsel Caroline Hay, Annmarie Fuertado Richards and Melonie Domville prosecuted Brown.

The trial was closely watched by law enforcement in Jamaica and some of the country’s international partners.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Hay says it was instructive that all members of the jury panel agreed that Brown is guilty on all counts.

Mrs. Hay was asked whether she was surprised that Constable Brown was found guilty.

Queen’s Counsel Caroline Hay who prosecuted Constable Collis Chucky Brown on behalf of INDECOM speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.

Meanwhile, one of Constable Brown’s lawyers, Vincent Wellesley, is describing the conviction of Constable Brown as a body blow to the Police Force.

Mr. Wellesley says he’s shocked at the verdict.

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