Clarendon Leaders Bat For Rural Transportation System


Members of Parliament in Clarendon are calling for a rural public transportation system in the parish.

They’re also proposing several measures in the interim to remedy frequent crashes.

This follows a major crash in the parish on Wednesday in Frankfield that left 11 students and the driver of the seven-seater vehicle in which they were travelling injured.

The car reportedly drove off a bridge.

Two of the injured students have since been transferred to the Kingston Public Hospital in critical condition.

Neika Lewis reports.

Richard Azan’s the Member of Parliament for North West Clarendon where the crash took place Wednesday.

He’s recommending a temporary measure to stem the carnage while pushing for a rural bus system.

His Opposition colleague, and South West Clarendon MP, Noel Arscott says he’s been calling for a rural bus system for a while.

North Central Clarendon MP, and Parliamentary House Speaker, Pearnel Charles, in expressing concern for the injured passengers, says it’s a matter worthy of discussion in the nation’s Parliament.

In the short term, Mr. Charles says he’s appealing to passengers to demand safer driving from operators of public passenger vehicles.

Meanwhile, former Transport Minister and Central Clarendon MP, Mike Henry says the pilot rural bus project he championed in the parish is still in the implementation phase.

He’s however suggesting the reintroduction of the railway system.

Meanwhile, North West Clarendon MP, Richard Azan, says there are reports that another car was involved in the crash in Frankfield Wednesday morning that left 11 students injured.

The MP says he remains hopeful for the students who’re said to be in critical condition.

Neika Lewis is an award-winning journalist with over 7 years of experience across radio, tv and the print media. A CARIMAC alum, Neika copped the Prime Minister’s Youth award for journalism in 2017. Her reporting on a Jamaican pilot incarcerated in Qatar in 2015 led to his release. Neika hunts for human interest stories.

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