Commissioner Investigating Permissions Granted to Sandz Promoter

Police Commissioner George Quallo says checks are being made to determine whether a Policeman who’s a promoter of the Sandz Party received permission from the Office of the Police Commissioner to be involved in such private business activity.

On Monday, traffic connected to the event caused an embarrassing gridlock on the Palisadoes Highway and disrupted operations at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston

Commissioner Quallo says checks are being made to find out whether the Policeman had permission to take part in promoting Sandz.

The Police Chief made the disclosure shortly after he confirmed a report by Nationwide News this morning that a Policeman is a promoter of the event.

Disorderly conduct by patrons and bad management of traffic by the Police have been blamed for the gridlock which delayed the departure of a some flights out of Kingston.

Commissioner Quallo says the JCF is taking the blame for what occurred. He says what transpired is unfortunate given that some Police personnel were given permission to work at the event in a bid to maintain order.

Commissioner Quallo last evening submitted a preliminary report of the incident to National Security Minister Robert Montague.

It’s understood that he’s asked for a few more days before he submits a comprehensive report about what transpired and who should be held accountable.

Speaking today on Nationwide: This Morning, Commissioner Quallo said for the moment he’ll not publicly blame any particular branch of the Police Force for what transpired.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Quallo says in hindsight adequate provisions were not made for the Sandz event.

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