Commissioner Vows Public Criticism Won’t Bring Premature End to St James SOE


Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson, is warning that criticisms of the State of Public Emergency in St James will not force the Constabulary to recommend the enhanced security measure be brought to a premature end.

The Police Commissioner’s comments follow concerns raised by Public Defender Arlene Harrison Henry that the conditions under which persons are being detained in the parish are in breach of their human rights.

Commissioner Anderson is insisting that the special security measure in St James is necessary. Three Hundred people were murdered in St James last year.

The Police Commissioner says the authorities had to put an immediate end to the wanton bloodletting in the country’s tourism mecca.

Since the enhanced security measure was declared in St James in January, there’s been a 70-percent reduction in murders. Major General Anderson says the security forces are not yet finished.

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He says the special security measure is a key part of his crime fighting strategy.

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The Police Commissioner says the Jamaica Constabulary Force has been recording successes in the clearing up major crimes across the island. He also compared the JCF with other police departments operating in major cities in the US.

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And the Police Commissioner also provided an explanation for the 105 children detained in the State of Public Emergency in St James.

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He says three of the children were charged for murder. The Commissioner says more than 20 of the children detained were known gang members.

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