Community Buy-In Needed if Special Operation Zones to Work

Attorney at Law Caroline Hay says unless there’s sufficient buy in to the policy from the targeted communities there’s a danger that the legislation to create special operation zones can be another vehicle of abuse.

Ms. Hay says the component of social intervention in these communities will be critical.

Ms. Hay says she also has issue with the power given to the Prime Minister under the proposed legislation.

She was commenting on the policy as announced by Prime Minister Andrew Holness in parliament yesterday.

The bill is yet to be made public.

And, Defense Attorney Peter Champaigne says what’s needed are improvements to the justice system to ensure there’s a certainty of conviction.

He says there’s nothing new as it relates to the policy announced by the Prime Minister in parliament yesterday.

Mr. Champaigne expressed concern that when there’s a spike in major crimes there’s a rush to create new legislation.

He’s calling for the greater utilization of scientific evidence to secure convictions.

Meanwhile, Opposition Spokesman on National Security Peter Bunting, says the Zones of Special Operations, Special Security, Community Development Measures Act 2017 is not necessary.

Mr. Bunting says those powers already exist in other laws.