Concerns Over Potential Cement Shortage

There are growing concerns this afternoon that there could be a cement shortage on the island.

Last month, Carib Cement company, told our news centre that an expected increase in cement prices had resulted in a greater demand for the product.

But, President of the Incorporated Master Builders Association of Jamaica, Humphrey Tailor, says distributors are still complaining about a shortage of cement almost one month later.

Our news centre has been receiving multiple calls from distributors around the country who’ve said they’re unable to source cement.

One distributor from Kingston, who called our newsroom says he’s been unable to get cement for over a month.

Another distributor who says he’s from a ‘northern parish’ claims the lack of cement is having a detrimental impact on his business.

While another from St James said he was unable to source cement from any hardware in his area.

Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Manager at Carib Cement, Sophia Lowe-Pinnock says checks are being done to verify whether there’s, in fact, a shortage.