Conflicting Reports of ‘Police Shoot-Out’ in St Ann

There are conflicting reports coming out of St. Ann regarding the murder of a man in Pineapple Place in the parish earlier this week.

On Monday, 37-year-old Quincy Frater was killed by the police.

A statement from the Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit, CCU, said one 0.38 Titan Tiger revolver and five rounds of ammunition were seized during the incident. But, Shelly-ann Pasmore, a woman claiming to be Mr. Frater’s girlfriend, says he was killed in cold blood.

Ms. Pasmore says her boyfriend worked full-time as a security guard in Ocho Rios in the parish. She’s alleging that on the morning Mr. Frater was killed the couple were awoken by the police who had entered their home through a back door.

She’s alleging Mr. Frater was shot after being asked to step out of the bedroom.

Ms. Pasmore also alleges that after shooting Mr. Frater the police prevented her from seeking speedy medical attention for him. Mr. Frater was pronounced dead at hospital. She says she’s now fearful for her life.

When Nationwide News contacted the Acting Head of the St. Ann police, Senior Superintendent Michael Smith, he said the police were acting on intelligence when they went to the house where Mr Frater’s was shot and killed.

SSP Smith says he’s standing by his officer’s report. The CCU statement issued on Tuesday said a man was fatally shot during a confrontation with the police. There was no mention of a shootout.

The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, says its investigating the incident. The CCU also said the matter has been reported to the Inspectorate of the Constabulary.