Consult students on grooming polices – NSSC.

President of the National Secondary Students’ Council, Alnastazia Watson, is calling for students to be included in the development of grooming policies for schools.



The call follows a recent incident at Vauxhall High school in Kingston where a male student was reportedly held down by teachers who cut his hair.

Meanwhile, Ms. Watson who is a sixth form student at the Queen’s High school says students ought to adhere to school rules.

However, she says students should not be barred from school for what she describes as ‘trivial matters’.



Alnastazia Watson, President of the National Secondary Students’ Council speaking with Nationwide News this morning.

Reports today suggest that the Education Ministry is to shortly roll out policy guidelines on grooming standards for students.

This includes the styling of the hair, uniform and general deportment. The reports indicate that schools will still have the final word in its application.

Education Minister, Ruel Reid is quoted in the Gleaner newspaper as saying the Ministry will provide a full position on the matter shortly.

He says they were reviewing recommendations in order to sign off on the guidelines which are to be issued to schools.