Consumers Warned Against Yuletide Cyber Scams

The Consumer Affairs Commission, CAC, is warning shoppers to guard against cyber scams as they make their online purchases during the Christmas season.

Chief Executive Officer of the CAC, Dolsie Allen, says the impulsive spending during this period makes persons particularly vulnerable to these scams.

She notes that the steps to prevent scamming starts and ends with the buyer’s ability to decipher real from dangerous and dubious links.

She says consumers must first confirm the legitimacy of the website they are buying from to ensure that it is the official site for the merchant.

She’ s advising persons not to navigate to sites by clicking links in emails or from advertisements.

Mrs. Allen points out that secured sites will display a green, locked padlock symbol in the browser window.

They will also have an address that begins with https instead of the usual http.

She is further advising persons to install protective software and firewalls if they plan to do excessive buying online.

Mrs. Allen says shoppers should be on guard and be ready to hide their pin numbers, credit card and banking information.