Contract Killers Employed to Protect Multi-Billion Dollar Petroleum Stealing Racket

At least two people have been assassinated by contract killers in the past four years for getting ‘too close’ to the multi-billion dollar petroleum stealing racket in Kingston and Montego Bay.

That’s according to security consultant, Mark Shields.

Mr. Shields says investigations by his security firm show that members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF, have been a part of the criminal enterprise. He also alleges that powerful people in the petroleum industry play leading roles in the multi-billion dollar white collar crime.

Mr. Shields, who’s also a former Deputy Commissioner of Police, says members of the JCF are aware of the issue but it’s not been a priority for the force.

Mark Shields was speaking today on Cliff Hughes On Line on Nationwide 90FM.

On Friday, a joint police-military operation in St. James arrested 15 people in connection with the petroleum stealing ring at Montego Freeport in the western parish now under a public state of emergency.

Meanwhile, the President of the Jamaica Gasoline Retailer’s Association, JGRA, Phillip Chong, says the Association has received reports of illegal selling of petroleum in at least two other parishes.

Mr. Chong is urging the authorities to be more vigilant in cracking down on the illicit activity. He’s also calling for more stringent penalties to be put in place to stop the illicit trade.


2 thoughts on “Contract Killers Employed to Protect Multi-Billion Dollar Petroleum Stealing Racket

  1. lazy2010

    So tired of the corruption. We weill never improve until all the wrong doers including politicians, businessmen etc are exposed and put out of business

  2. kingstonguy

    All the laws on our books need to be updated ..and the dinasours in parliament retired ..until there is a real fear of the laws of the land..then these things will continue to occur

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