Cop Convicted of Harbouring Fugitive has Sentence Delayed

The sentencing of Constable Kaye Falconer, who was convicted for harbouring a fugitive, has been delayed yet again.

The matter was called up today in the St James Parish Court.

Parish Judge, Natalie Hart-Hines, was told that Falconer — who was remanded on June 26 — had fallen ill and was admitted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

Judge Hart-Hines was told that Falconer was undergoing a number of tests, one scheduled for today and the other for a later date.

The judge later set a Friday, July 7 court date.

The police reportedly found an escaped prisoner, whom they described as dangerous, at Falconer’s Glendevon home, in St. James, in February, 2013.

Other police personnel were also charged in connection with the January 30 escape of the prisoner from the Freeport Police Station in the parish, under what’s being considered questionable circumstances.