Cops Find Gun Involved in Shooting of Police Inspector


Head of the police Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, says the police have found one of the guns used in the shooting of a police inspector and her family in Portmore, St. Catherine, last Tuesday.

She says the weapon was found following what she describes as a “secondary search” of the area.

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Superintendent Lindsay says the inspector and her family are recovering well.

Reports are that last Tuesday evening, three men invaded the family’s home and opened gunfire. The police inspector and her daughter, who is also a police officer, were injured.

The inspector’s 17-year-old daughter was grazed by a bullet. A man believed to be one of the attackers was killed in the attack. Another turned up a day later to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

The police say they suspect the shooting of the inspector and her family may be a reprisal for the killing of a wanted man, Raheem Chantiloupe in Portmore.

Chantiloupe was killed during a confrontation with the police, last Tuesday.