Cops Nab 25 Top Members of ‘Uchence Gang’

The Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Branch, CTOC, says it has broken the back of a major criminal organization in the island.

The JCF says it has arrested 25 members of the gang. Among those arrested is a Detective Corporal of Police. Also arrested are the reputed leader of the gang, 27-year-old Uchence Wilson and three women.

At a media briefing Monday afternoon, the police revealed that the Uchence or Terrence-led gang has approximately 40 members.

Head of CTOC, Assistant Commissioner, Fitz Bailey, says the Uchence gang has created what he calls ‘wide-scale havoc’ across the island.

ACP Bailey says CTOC has been investigating the Uchence gang since May this year. He says the gang was targetted after it was involved in a series of robberies in St. Ann.

He says 25 of the members, including a rank and file member of the police force– have been arrested and are to be charged.

ACP Bailey says the gang was highly-organized and used systematic divisions of labour to carry out their criminal activities.

He says they’ve murdered a number of people, raped women and children and carried out a number of robberies.

ACP Bailey says several of the vehicles stolen by the gang were scrapped and sold on the car parts market. He says two employees of a business that facilitated the gang’s activities, have also been taken into custody.


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