Cops Not Reporting Incidents of Sexual Harassment in the Force

Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Administration in the JCF, Novelette Grant, is admitting there’s been ‘concern’ about sexual harassment and victimization in the JCF.

Some rank and file members of the Police Force have spoken out publicly about how their seniors demand sex from them for promotions.

However, DCP Grant says they’re not using the channels available to address such grievances.

She says members also fail to put in writing, their complaints of being transferred as punishment.

She says the JCF’s grievance procedure has even undergone changes to address the fears of members who feel uncomfortable complaining to their superiors.

DCP Grant says members now have the option of writing to the Chaplain or the Director of Human Resources — none of whom are police officers. But she says they’re still not making these complaints to them.

She says this leaves the JCF with few options of how to handle the matter.