Corporate Area Woman Jailed

A corporate area woman was this morning ordered jailed by Senior Resident Magistrate Georgianna Fraser, after she changed her story that her partner had beaten her savagely with a broom.

The woman stood near to the dock where the accused man was facing RM Fraser.

Details of the complaint made by the woman to the police were read out by the Clerk of the Court.

The woman had accused her partner of beating her badly with a broom to the point where she had to seek medical treatment.

But when questioned this morning by RM Fraser about who carried out the beating, the woman smiled and responded in a low tone – “it was a misunderstanding”.

As the complainant’s partner grinned, RM Fraser enquired of the woman – “who did you tell the Police assaulted you ?”

The woman pointed at the accused and indicated that she was changing her story because it was a misunderstanding.

There was a stir in court and the accused man then appeared shocked, when RM Fraser said – “take her into custody and charge her with creating public mischief”.

The young woman was then led away to the lockup area by a policeman.

The accused man was told by RM Fraser that he was free to go.

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