Corrupt Insiders Allowing Contraband on Jamaica’s Ports?

Deficiencies plaguing Jamaica’s port security were highlighted this week when it was revealed that well-placed, corrupt insiders are involved in the movement of contraband on the ports.

That’s according to the Head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF’s, Ports Division, Superintendent Natalie Burton.

She says, more often than not, it’s an inside job.

Superintendent Natalie Burton, Head of the JCF’s Ports Division, speaking Wednesday on Nationwide @ 5.

She says because of the collusion it’s impossible to set traps for criminals because contraband left on the ports would often ‘disappear’.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner in charge of Border Protection at the Jamaica Customs Agency, Alwyn Nicely, says it’s not best practice to set traps for criminals once the contraband leaves the port.


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