Could Judge-Alone Trials be Hampered by Judges ‘Lacking Balance’?


Veteran Attorney, Lloyd McFarlane, says there’s a genuine fear among some lawyers about appearing before some judges whom he described as being ‘not balanced enough to deal with the matter’.

His comment comes amid a move by the government to do away jury trials for non-capital murders where a gun is used.

Speaking at the last sitting of the House of Representatives in July before the summer recess, Attorney General, Marlene Malahoo Forte, said this would help reduce the backlog of court cases.

Mr. McFarlane says some lawyers have refused to go before some judges as their clients will be found guilty despite the evidence.

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He says cases involving jurors offer the highest quality of justice in Jamaica.

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Mr. McFarlane is also dismissing the claim by Former Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington yesterday that jurors are targeted by violent criminals.

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McFarlane says he supports what the current law facilitates the choice between a jury trial or that by a judge alone.