Court Hears Gripping Crown Allegations Against Uchence Gang

The Supreme Court today heard stunning allegations of murder, robbery and rape against alleged members of the Uchence Wilson-led gang.

Among the allegations outlined by the Crown against the Uchence gang involves how Police Corporal Lloyd Knight facilitated the murder of a man in Commodore, St. Catherine.

The crown alleged that Corporal Knight told Wilson that a man had been making multiple reports against him, Wilson, to the police at the station.

The court heard how Corporal Knight told Wilson the man was an ‘informer’.

The crown says after getting the information Wilson went to the man’s home and murdered him.

All 23 of the 26 people who’re alleged to be part of the notorious Uchence Wilson led gang were remanded when they appeared in court.

They’ll return to court on separate days over the coming weeks to apply for bail.

The alleged leader of the gang, Uchence Wilson, who’s facing multiple charges including being the leader of a criminal organisation, murder and rape, will return to court on February 22.

The persons who were before the court today were arrested in December last year by the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Branch, C-TOC.