Courts on Track to Clear Backlog in 6yrs

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, says Jamaica’s courts are on track to clear the backlog in the system within six years.

He made the comments during an address to the nation last evening.

Chief Justice Sykes says several courts are already disposing of cases faster than new cases are entering the judicial system.

He also reiterated the commitment to make Jamaica’s judicial system the best in the region in three years, and one of the best in the world in six years. He says all outstanding judgements in the judicial system will be delivered by the end of this year.

Chief Justice Sykes added that as of next year, judgements will be handed down within three months of the matter being completed. He says this will be increased to six months in extreme cases.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Sykes says the judicial system is aiming to reduce the wait time on certain matters including divorce and probate matters.


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